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Q. Why should I choose Gray Line Israel?

Our staff has over 100 years of experience and has served thousands of satisfied customers. Book with a brand you can trust – Gray Line, the world-famous Blue Diamond. By choosing Gray Line Israel you ensure that you have the best of the best at your service. Choosing the right tour is an important decision. Choosing the right tour operator is an even bigger decision. Choosing Gray Line Israel means that you are talking to the source. Don’t leave your tour to chance. Insist on the best and get the best information and advice by talking with the people who are the actual tour organizers, whereas many other tours advertised are the same tour sold by different agents who all book through Gray Line anyway. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if a group doesn’t have enough passengers?

We GUARANTEE that every tour will operate as long as there are a minimum of 2 travelers.

Q. Do you provide pick-up and drop-off services? 

On our multi-day tours, on arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv, you will be met by our representative/driver waiting to take you to your hotel. For departure, your driver will wait for you at the hotel to take you to the airport.

Please note: Airport transfers on arrival and departure are only provided on the designated tour arrival and departure day. Any passengers arriving and/or departing before or after the tour dates are required to make their own transportation arrangements for arrival and departure, unless pre or post arrival accommodation is reserved through us – please ask us for details. 

On our daily tours, you will be collected from the chosen pick-up point and dropped off there at the end of the touring day.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

Daily tours and services offered are fully refundable when canceled up to 24 hours prior to departure under Gray Line’s Easy Cancellation Policy. Easy Cancellation is noted on all applicable services with a duration of one day or less. Specific cancellation and refund policies for multi-day tours and services are noted in the Terms section.  

Email [email protected] to cancel or amend your reservation and we will gladly consider your request.

Q. Do you offer group discounts?

If you are enquiring about parties of 11 or more guests, please contact us directly about group rates via email; [email protected] or telephone; +972 3 6295151. 

Q. Do I have to present a printed copy of my voucher?

It is not necessary to present a voucher on our tours.

Q. What languages are offered with your tours?

Many of our excursions are offered in different languages so you can enjoy the tour in your native tongue. We offer tours in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Please check the tours list to see which tours operate in your chosen language.

Q. What are my lunch options?

Depending on which tour you book, our well-planned itineraries include stops for lunch and other breaks throughout the tour experience. Your tour guide will usually look for options which provide different choices for your lunch.  

Q. Are all entrance fees included in the price of the tours?

Entrance fees to all of the sites visited on the itineraries are included in the price. The only exception is the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee (available on some of the multi-day tours), which is operated according to weather conditions and paid for at the time of sailing as long as it goes ahead. (Approx. US$15).

Q, Are children permitted to take part in the tours?

Children aged 5 years old and above are permitted to join the Multi-day tours. Children aged 4 years old and above are permitted to join the Daily tours.

Children under the permitted age (including babies) cannot join the tours.

Q. Are flights included in the tours?

International flights for your arrival and departure are not included in the price. However, any tours including domestic or international flights as part of the itinerary are included in the price of the tour.

Q. Are vaccinations required for the tours?

There are no other specific vaccinations required to enter Israel or Jordan. Currently for Egypt (valid on 1st July, 2023), a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for passengers arriving from specific countries. (The details are subject to change and you should check any requirements or ask us for information).

Q. Can you assist with pre or post tour accommodation?

We are able to help you with any pre or post tour accommodation and are able to guarantee that you will stay in the same hotel that the tour will start or finish if required, so that you will not have to move hotels.

Q. Do you require a visa for the tours?

While most nationalities receive tourist visas on arrival, certain nationalities require visas arranged in advance to enter Israel, Jordan or Egypt. As long as you are not holding a restricted nationality passport for Israel, your visa is issued on arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. As long as you are not holding a restricted nationality passport for Jordan, we arrange your visa for your tour to Jordan. As long as you are not holding a restricted nationality passport for Egypt, your visa is issued on arrival at Cairo Airport. Nationalities that do require a visa to be arranged in advance may take up to a month for the visa to be issued. Please check with the relevant consulates for each country or ask us to give you the information.

Q. Is the tour vehicle air-conditioned?

Yes, all of our touring vehicles are air-conditioned.

Q. Is there a limit to luggage that can be brought on the tour?

We usually limit the amount of luggage to a maximum 2 suitcases per person for storage in the tour vehicle during travel between accommodations. However, if you advise us should you require more than 2 suitcases per person we will take this into consideration.

Q. Is there a supplement for solo travelers?

There is a supplement for solo travelers on our multi-day tours for accommodation. Our tours provide private rooms for solo travelers. We do not provide the option to join the room of other travelers on our tours.

Q. What currencies are required for the tours?

In Israel, Israeli Shekels are the local currency. Exchange bureaus are located at the airport on arrival and in many places around towns/cities as well as at your hotel. There are also numerous ATMs which provide local currency. In Jordan, Jordanian Dinars are the local currency. Exchange bureaus are available at the border for visiting Jordan. In Egypt, Egyptian Pounds are the local currency. Exchange bureaus are located at the airport on arrival.
However, nearly all outlets will also accept US Dollars.

Q. Will I know the names and details of all the accommodation before I depart?

Yes. As soon as your reservation has been processed, we will contact you with all of the necessary information regarding accommodation and airport procedures.

Q. Is it possible to join the tour if I have mobility restrictions?

It is important to note that accessibility can vary depending on the tour, location, and each individual’s specific needs.

Israel, Jordan & Egypt have diverse landscapes, including uneven terrain, hilly areas and especially, at historical sites, there are both steps and uneven surfaces, such as cobblestone streets. As a result, they may not be wheelchair or mobility aid accessible and some sites may be challenging for those with walking difficulties.

Certain cultural and religious sites have specific entry requirements or restrictions. For example, there might be areas within religious buildings that are not accessible to those with mobility challenges.

We have had customers with mobility restrictions join our tours, however, as it is group tour involving other guests, the flow of the program must be maintained and it is not possible, for example, for the guide to be able to assist or hold up the tour due to individual’s special requirements, therefore there must be another person in your party who will be responsible for assisting when necessary.

It should also be pointed out that access to, or mobility restrictions at certain sites may prevent you from visiting the site and therefore should you choose to join one of the tours, this must be taken into account.


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